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Auto-Reset Target

Our targets have been tested under various conditions to ensure your safety. All facets parallel to the shooter are constructed of AR500 steel to eliminate rebound. The target systems have been designed to handle all copper-jacketed rounds. Steel core and hollow point rounds will pit the target reducing its life expectancy.

Maintaining the target is extremely easy. When all the color has been shot off the face of the plate, a $3.00 can of spray paint from your local hardware store will quickly breathe new life into it. Also, we suggest rotating the AR500 plate on occasion to help with longevity.

Visual and audible hit indications provide instant feedback to the shooter. When a bullet strikes the circular area (optimal area), the target will go backward and automatically reset itself almost immediately - allowing for quick follow-up shots. The relative light weight and portability of the target system allows for placement in various positions and distances on your range.

Please remember - AR500 steel is very strong, but armor-piercing rounds will penetrate the target and render it unsafe for further use.

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