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What is so special about AR 500 steel? Steel is steel, right?
Not exactly. Abrasion Resistant (AR) steel is manufactured in such a way to enable it to withstand high impact stresses. The '500' is the Brinell rating for hardness. Mild steel only has a 120 BHN. AR500 is more than four times harder than mild steel.
What is the minimum distance I have to be from the target?
Minimum distance will vary based on the caliber of the round. Suggested distances can be found in the General Safety and Use Guidelines.
Are the targets available in other shapes / sizes?
Yes, custom targets can be made upon order.
What calibers can I shoot at the target?
The standard popper was tested to operate with rounds up to .308 Winchester. You can shoot .22, 9mm, 5.56mm, etc., but, smaller rounds will offer almost no movement from the reactive plate.
If the plate doesn't move with smaller rounds, won't the bullets ricochet?
Out of thousands of rounds of testing with small calibers, there has been no instance of a ricochet. The target has a slight foward cant by default to help ensure a downward deflection should it happen. Observations have shown that most bullets fragment upon impact with the target, while smaller calibers like the .22LR simply flatten and fall to the ground.
Can I shoot 62gr (green tip) 5.56mm ammo at the target?
You can, but it is not recommended. Although the steel core will not penetrate the 3/8" AR500 plate, it will cause small dents and pitting, which will decrease the durability of the target.
Is the target strong enough to withstand an armor piercing round?
No. AR steel is strong, but not impervious.


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